The letter G. Brought to you by V.

V wanted to write this post, so she did.

G is for Grace. I got this library book called Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy. If you’ve read this book, you probably know her name. Grace. Grace is one of Junie’s friends. I only got to the second chapter in the library, so I don’t know EVERYTHING in the book. It’s pet day in Junie’s class and everybody has a safe pet. Except Junie. She has a dog named Tickle, but nobody can bring cats or dogs. so when Junie gets home, her grandma, Ellen, is taking care of Junie’s little brother. The book didn’t tell me the name of Junie’s brother, though. But, anyway, Junie hands the rules of pet day to Ellen. After Ellen was done reading it, she said to Junie, “Well you can’t bring Tickle, can you?” Junie shook her head. Then, Ellen said to Junie, “You can borrow my bird!    He’s a Canopy.  His name is Twitter.” At first, because the name of the chapter was The Thing About Twitter, I thought they were Tweeting! But they weren’t.



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One Response to The letter G. Brought to you by V.

  1. Beth Langworthy says:

    Nice post V! I love, love, love Junie B!! Her brother’s name is Oliver. Soon she will probably introduce you to her stuffed elephant, Phillip Johnny Bob. My daughters and I loved reading all about Junie B.’s adventures.

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