I is for me

I is a hard letter. (That’s a funny sentence. I once had a student named Xiongme, but she went by Me. When she was absent, I would say “Has anyone seen Me?” And then we’d all laugh). But I, as a letter? All I could think of was Ichabod. And I don’t want to write about him. 

I know many of you are thinking “Wasn’t the alphabet challenge just for April?” And it was. But I (being the letter of day) can change the rules whenever I want. So it continues, into May any beyond, if I don’t finish the alphabet before then. (Though I’ll try). 

So what am I doing lately? Grading, mostly. Friday was my last day of regular classes, which means I have a stack of 50 research essays (5-7 pages…one student announced proudly that he wrote 13 pages. I am not impressed) waiting for me to read them and score them and enter them into the computer. Then there are 24 exams to grade, and two more finals to give next week. Plus a variety of shorter essays and quizzes I need to get to, too. The best part of this week is public school: Most days, I will have almost 7 hours of child-free time to do my work, thanks to our neighborhood school. I should be able to get everything done in that time, if I don’t get distracted by the internet, or a Lifetime movie, or my bed. As long as I can resist those, I’ll be fine. 

BUT, it’s clean-up week this week, which means all the things too big to throw away normally all year that I’ve been collecting in the garage need to go out to the curb. And I got an iPad mini for work on Friday, and I probably should figure out how I’ll use it in my class this summer. And my mother-in-law is coming to visit next week, so I need to clean the guest room and try to clear off some portion of kitchen counter/dining room table. And my 40th birthday party is two weeks from yesterday, so I should really look over my sketches for decorating and food plans….and I’m going to Vegas from May 12-14, and I need to pack, and maybe sew a new purse for the trip, and decide if I should bring my film camera or not….

Man, I need to stop blogging and get to work. I hope spring will come soon, and you’ll all come to my birthday party, if only to see if I’m still standing. 


About Jennifer

Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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3 Responses to I is for me

  1. Myra Johnson. says:

    My my don’t we have a lot to do and you didn’t include helping your mom clean up,write an inventory for the insurance co, and.have lunch with your mom. Good thing you got that done on Sat.

  2. Myra Johnson. says:

    How is the correcting coming? Hope you are soon done. I am tired of your I.

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