O is for Ornithology

In our neighbor’s tree, there appears to live a Cooper’s Hawk, Actually, a whole family of them, now. A pair started in the spring, building a big nest way up high, and, well, you know how these things go. Now that our giant elm tree is gone, these birdies are a lot easier to see.


The mama, or the one I call the mama, since I’m not an ornithologist. According to my research, she is young, because adult Cooper’s Hawks have darker grey backs and reddish breasts. Truth be told, I could have misidentified them entirely. Don’t use this blog for bird identification, please. I just know there’s a big old hawk-like nest with hawk-like birds. This much I can say for sure.


(Mama shakes a tail feather).

In the morning, she and the papa and the baby (or two babies and no papa…) triangulate our backyard: one on the roof of our house and two in opposite corners of the yard, and talk to each other. If my dog was any smaller I’d be worried.


Here’s a side shot of the eyas (young one). (I may not be an ornithologist, but I can Google like the rest of you). There may be more than one little one, but this fellow sat still and let me take his picture. The chicks have been flying for awhile now, and they are getting a little more graceful. Apparently Cooper’s Hawks are often found with old wishbone injuries, so I worry about these clumsy little ones.

I should, of course, worry about all the other birds in the backyard, since to Cooper’s Hawks, those birds are food. I’m all for the circle of life, though, and very hopeful that when they run out of small birds, they’ll eat the red squirrels. Then we can all go home happy.


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Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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