Now, on with our story…

I don’t know about you guys but I am sick to death of looking at the Corwin post. Gross. So here we go. Let’s open with a photo from last summer, when we went to at least 4 different county fairs in two weeks.



For those of you just tuning in, this is the time in the semester when suddenly blogging seems like a wonderful idea, because I have 45 essays to grade, two exams to write, and 3811 student emails to which I ought to be responding. This is how I prioritize my life.

In related news, I only dust the ceiling fans right before a funeral.

V an I just got back from the lake this afternoon, and it was a lovely, lakey time. Last time we were out, two weeks ago or so, Belle Taine was still iced over. Though it wasn’t warm by most measures this weekend, the ice is long gone now, and the ducks and loons have arrived, and summer just seems so…possible…when you have a lovely body of water lapping nearby. Add to that my in-laws, whom I love dearly, and you’ve got a good weekend.

Here’s a picture I took there last fall. I didn’t take many pictures this weekend, and I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, why I love this photo of V:

  • It’s the lake in the afternoon October light. Ah.
  • V is genuinely laughing so hard her face hurts.
  • It’s before she got braces and we took all the distinctive wonkiness out of her pretty smile.


So, here’s the thing. V’s a pretty lucky girl: she still has 3 of her 4 grandparents, and they’re all in fairly good health. When I was her age, my last remaining grandfather had been dead almost 3 years already. And her grandparents are younger than mine were when my parents finally got around to having me, and they have waaaay fewer grandchildren than my grandparents did, which all adds up to lots of wonderful, doting, goofy, grandmotherly and grandfatherly energy to love her. I’m a little tiny bit jealous, frankly, because V was the first grandchild on both sides, and I was the 10th. On both sides.

(You know how excited you are when you get the first car of your very own? Just like walking on sunshine excited? Like, this is the best car anyone has EVER driven and oh, the adventures we’ll have together and WOW I love driving! Yeah. Well, when you get your tenth car, it’s nice and all, and good to have reliable transportation, but your back still hurts and you’ve gotta call that guy about the thing so whatever. This is how it is to be the 10th grandchild. On both sides. [which, weird, right?])

But this post is not about me! I swear I know it’s not! So V is extra lucky to have two awesome grandmothers. Myra and V do crafty things like coloring and gluing stuff together, and they frequent different playgrounds and read a lot of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Mary and V enjoy ice cream bars and Mad Libs, and they make each other laugh like crazy. All this love warms my heart, and makes me miss Beulah and Minnie.

But this year? 2014? V’s grandmothers have gone off and gotten themselves cancer. In fact, cancers, since Myra’s got two and Mary’s got one. And it’s early, people. We’re only 5/12 of the way through this year, and we’ve got 3 different cancers to reckon with. Not cool, grandmas.

At least from where we all stand right now, it looks like they will all be treatable with surgeries, perhaps needing radiation in a couple of the cases. I know that this means we’re lucky: when your family gets 3 cancers in five months and no one needs chemo (knock on wood), this is lucky. Two major surgeries and one minor one may not seem that lucky, but seriously, V is really fortunate that she has two grandmothers, because between the two of them, they are running out of spare parts. Mary had breast cancer already in 2010 (so the grandmas are technically tied at 2 apiece), and Myra’s thyroid was removed just this past February due to cancer. Myra’s Cancer Strikes Back is a small mouth cancer, and Mary’s Cancer Rides Again is endometrial. Also, Mary’s had both knees replaced, so it’s starting to be obvious that we should’ve been collecting all their removed parts, because we could build a third grandmother out of them pretty soon.

A loving, hilarious, bad-knee having, tumor-ridden grandmother.

Here’s hoping the rest of 2014 plays nice, and cancer attacks the squirrel population, who so obviously deserve it.


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4 Responses to Now, on with our story…

  1. Myra Johnson. says:

    Well, We are still here and neither of us plans to leave soon.i am hoping to ride my bike soon. I just have to get the backs fixed.Don’t worry V we will be here a long time yet! Laura Ingals Wilder here we come!

  2. Jess says:

    It is all good, right? Our other 5-7 family members who suffered with cancer all live quite long overall so no worries. Well, maybe minor worries.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Oh, it’s totally all good. It’s just nice you both have health insurance so you can both hurry up and get better so we can play all summer.

  4. Myra Johnson. says:

    I do wish I could give my annoying squirrel some the cancer Mary and I have. Nthey are so hard on my bird seed and not only that they thumb their tail at me.

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