Is your wagon dragon?

The jester’s face from yesterday’s post got me to thinking that I had more photos from last summer’s county fair extravaganza, and since my essays continue to refuse to grade themselves, I’m back to blogging. My loss, your gain, gentle readers.

ImageMr. Creepy Jester Face comes to us from the Dragon Wagon ride. I think this was the fair in DL, though I’m not sure (they all do look alike, you know). It’s a simple, round the track mini-coaster, made for kids who want to ride with their parents. V loved it, and I rode along, too. Mostly I just thought the dragon was so pretty I couldn’t look away.



I think I love fair rides like this for the same reason I love tattoos: they are so bright and unexpected that I can hardly look away.

Image Look at it! So fancy! I kind of wish it was in my backyard right now! And it was quite fun to ride, even, because it got up to a good speed and though the track may look little, it had a lot of good swoops and swings in it.


This, though? This dang near killed me with love. At seven, V rides alone with her hands in the air. There is nothing she can’t do.


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One Response to Is your wagon dragon?

  1. Myra Johnson. says:

    She is my granddaughter you know. Does she take after her grandmother?

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