Parades and sensory integration disorder

Ah, parades. Everyone loves ’em, amiright? Yeah, well, Miss V does not. We’ve taken her to four or five parades in her life, and every one of them ended with us getting right back in our car, if we were lucky, or, more often, in tears. Why do EMTs and firefighters think it’s so necessary to blast those sirens over and over? (Of course, they might ask why we keep bringing  a child with sensory integration issues to loud-ass parades).

The thing is, she wants to go. Other kids talk about going to or even being in parades. No one talks about wanting to throw up because of the noise. So we work on it.

First, we talk about it. A lot. Tell her she’ll get candy if she stays. Make sure she knows we can leave anytime, and she’s not in trouble if it’s too loud for her to take. We practice deep breathing, and try to guess if there will be clowns. Then we bring out the earplugs, preferably in pink to match her shirt.


We had a great time.

Summer 2013. Bonanza Valley Days. Brooten, Minnesota.


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Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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