It’s $haun’s birthday today, and all I got him was this lousy blogpost.

Actually, V and I got him lots of lovely gifts, but that’s not how those funny t-shirts from Vegas read. But to show that there’s more to my life than actively mourning and hating car dealerships, I’ve written a list of the top nine things I love about my husband on this, his 43rd birthday.

  1. He brought his brother along on our first date (He insists this wasn’t our first date, but I’m 93% sure it was), which was a hockey game. Mostly I spent the whole evening cold and being afraid of the puck.
  2. He can sing until I go weak in the knees. One of our first dates was with a group of our friends to karaoke night at the Nestor. He sang Copa Cabana, and I was his.
  3. He suggested we name our daughter a letter, after hearing a radio show about S. Epatha Merkerson.
  4. He claps at the end of movies in the theater. You know, like we all used to do when we were little. Usually people join in.
  5. His idea of exotic cuisine is the lamb roast I’m making in the crock pot.
  6. He loves to find the spot on dogs that make them move their back leg involuntarily.  He calls it “itchy,” as in “Oh, hey, I just found itchy on Devon.”  He is constantly disappointed by the fact that Seven doesn’t have itchy.
  7. Before we started dating, when I was just trying to get him to hold a conversation with me, I asked him for his five favorite movies. He listed The Little Mermaid, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rainman, Grease, and some other movie neither of us can recall. It was the most words he’d said to me in one day up to that point.
  8. His patience with our daughter is a least three times my own.
  9. One of the few times we were out together in Hendrum was karaoke night at the Last Chance Saloon. We’d only been married for a year or two, and when it was his turn he took the mic and spoke to my hometown. He said something to the effect of this: “I am just so happy to be here, in lovely Hendrum, where most all of you know my wife, Jen.” He gestured to me and I waved, regally. “She is the love of my life, and I want to dedicate this song to her.” Then he tenderly sang the KISS song “Love Gun.” It was hilarious and completely inappropriate.

Oh, $haunsie. I hope this birthday is the start of a marvelous year for you, and if not, may we all at least avoid hospitalization. I love you, sweet boy.


About Jennifer

Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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2 Responses to It’s $haun’s birthday today, and all I got him was this lousy blogpost.

  1. Lovely post about a lovely man.

  2. Shirley Johnson says:

    May you both have many birthdays to share with love and hope.

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