Oh, how I have loved taking pictures. My mom did, too. For me, photography is a little like singing, though: it’s dang hard to do when your heart is sad. Yesterday, I made myself go out and do it anyway.

IMG_0855 (2)

I went out in the first place because it’s been raining for days and days, and I loved how the grass was holding the raindrops. I know, raindrops on blades of grass are such rarely photographed phenomena. I like it anyway. And it is really hard to convince my camera to focus on anything in particular here. This one got some good texture and I like the little row of droplets on the edge of the grass just to the right of the center of the shot.


Then I noticed the ferns weren’t yet completely unfurled. I always mean to come out and take pictures when they’re wound tight, soon after the come up, all potential and beautiful and ready to burst, but I never quite catch them in that lovely state. Instead, I’ve captured that awkward teenage phase, when they look like angry muppet noses.

IMG_0885 This one looks like it’s just slow to open, but I took this shot so I could illustrate the importance of angle in photography. (Lord knows if you want to learn how to take good pictures, this is the place you come to. See this post from about 4 years ago if you don’t believe me). The shot above is just a mediocre picture full of young ferny-ness, caught just a day or two before it’s fully opened up.

IMG_0884 (2)

But this is that same fern frond (fern frond?) shot from above, looking down. See the double heart? See my sappy self get all verklemt? Yeah. This angle is much better, closer, and richer. It shows the loveliness, the process of unfurling.


Oh, sweet lilies of the valley. I have loved you since I was a little girl and first discovered they were May’s flower. They smell cloyingly sweet, and they will take over a good shady corner in just a few years, multiply so quickly they all but choke themselves out, but I love them so. The rich green leaves and those delicate white flowers: old school and gentle and gorgeous. Look at the little curls at the ends of the petals! So dainty! So self-effacing!

IMG_0897This here’s the grand-finale shot. Look at the veins in the leaves! How the whole plant reaches skyward while the flowers stay focused on the ground. And did you know that those tiny white blossoms had bits of pink up inside? Sneaky girls, hiding the best part just for those who really look closely, who get down to their level and really look.

Like singing, taking photos when I don’t feel like it manages to cheer me up a bit. I may need to try to do this more often.


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Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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3 Responses to Nature

  1. Shirley says:

    I always enjoy your photographs, Jen.

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