O, Universe. (I’m stretching for a title)

You ever find something, or better yet, have someone you love find something and bring it to you, and until you see it you didn’t know how terribly much you needed it? How desperately empty your life was before?

That happened to me this morning. My sister bought me a present yesterday, and her loving husband delivered it this morning. And it is so beautiful, so inspiring, it’s the kind of thing that reaffirms my desire to keep a lovely, comfortable home, to invite people in and encourage them to stay for long visits and cold beer. Or cold visits and long beers. Whichever.

I feel a little like my life was wasted, because I didn’t know this object even existed. Am I so sheltered, so removed from the universe of amazing things, that I missed this somehow? I try to not be terribly materialistic, because I’m convinced that any minute a tornado‘s going to sweep my house away. But I would sift through debris for months, nay, years, if need be, to reclaim this most wonderful thing.

I have only one photograph of it, so far. I’m certain there will be more. So you understand what exactly you’re looking at, the object itself is pictured here on top of a clear plastic case I use to hold bracelets. The object itself is a tissue holder. You can see, in the picture, blue tissues coming out of the top. So it’s useful AND beautiful.


Please, try not to be jealous. I don’t know why she has such luxurious hair. I don’t know why the whites of her eyes are blue, or why her dimples delight me so. What shall we name her, dear readers? Besides “fantastic,” I mean.

Thank you, o universe, for giving me a sister who knew in her heart that this belonged in my home.


About Jennifer

Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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