V’s Blogpost That Was Not Needed But Happened Anyway!

V has taken over the world.

She’s doing daily entries that are going to destroy your life because you think my mom is cooler than me.

That’s wrong. That’s just very wrong.

So, my cousin named Emmy came over today, but she didn’t poop so we didn’t go to the Children’s Museum.

Yes, it’s a very complicated concept, but get used to it because I am a complicated concept.

But, since I’m taking over the world you should know me.

I like Inside Out, that new movie from Disney Pixar that hasn’t even came out yet.

Yes. I like a movie that hasn’t even came out yet.

Oh, that’s weird?

Yeah, you’re weird.

Anyway, I also like Sailor Moon, a show about Rapunzel’s probable-sister who wears a short skirt and fights monsters that would give me nightmares if I ever had any. So I don’t know why a bunch of people say it was their childhood.

Yeah, plus, I don’t have nightmares. Lucky me.

Also I also like Vocaloid, a Japanese robot company. All the robots are forced to sing any notes and sounds you tell them too, so, yeah, go become the queen of Rapunzel’s other probable-sister who dyed her hair blue.

And, I like Gravity Falls, and, if you don’t know about it something is wrong you. It’s probably just, like, the best cartoon on TV that’s not an anime (which then it would be Sailor Moon Crystal). Yeah. Look it up. The other things too, if you’ve never heard of them.

So, you say this was short?

Well, you’re short.

Yeah, Robert Wadlow, I’m talking to you.


About Jennifer

Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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