Finally, the annual mushroom post you’ve all been longing for. I guess it’s been a few years since the last one, so I’ll try to make this one all the better.


This is the Yoda of mushrooms. He’s old and wrinkly and tired. But kickass, too.


Leaning tower of mushroom. Most of these are so tiny. Notice the size of the grass, people. Let this be your guide.


This is a giant, almost plate-sized mushroom on a stump. It’s brilliant yellow, and I think it’s growing while I take the photos.


The underside of the yellow plate mushroom. Note the bokeh.


And a better lit underbelly. It’s just the loveliest shade of yellow.


A side shot. I may be obsessed with this mushroom.


Ruffly mushrooms. These are neighbors to my lovely golden plate mushroom.


This looks like a marshmallow in the grass, or maybe a very white stone. Nope! It’s a fungus!


Like an umbrella turned inside out. So pretty.


Lanky stalk, ruffled underneath…again, note the grass. You’ve stepped on a lot of these, I guarantee it.


Mushrooms often come up in twos or more, and I assume it’s to stave off the loneliness. In taking photos, I sometimes move grass or sticks, but I never disrupt another mushroom. I can’t be responsible for the heartbreak.


Here’s our final entry in this year’s [first?] mushroom post. It is a tiny mushroom, photographed during complete, thick cloud cover. Unlike all of the others here, it’s grey, and more delicate than any of the ones pictured here. My favorite of the bunch.


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Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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