Adonis to Zeus

Tomorrow, we hope to add a second dog to our little family. Seven is still so dear to us, but when he’s with other dogs, he does like to play, and Shaun’s leaving was hard on all of us, but especially Seven, for whom reason was little comfort. I’m hoping a one year old Shih Tzu from the Humane Society cheers us all up a bit.

I’m hesitant to post this; we’ve been fully approved and are waiting until tomorrow, because he’ll be neutered in the morning and we’ll get to bring him home in the afternoon. Yet I’m a bit of a “glass half empty” girl these days, and I do hope we won’t jinx it. But the last week V and I have had the best conversations on how to agree on a name.

First of all, have you ever tried to agree on the name of a dog or cat with a ten year old? I mean, this dog will likely live well into V’s college career. I don’t want to be calling a dog “Cinnamon Bun” in 2026. It’s not dignified.

Another name V loved was “Pixel,” which is cute and retro now, but would be like naming a dog “8 track” in a few years. Plus it sounds too close to “Pistol,” and I’m a pacifist. We can’t have the neighbors thinking I’m calling for weapons.

I wanted “Gus,” which one of my favorite names of all time for almost a dozen reasons, or “Bear,” which has all those sexy gay community connotations as well as being a hilarious name for a little dog. Then I got to thinking about how funny it is to name animals other animals, and I listed “Turtle,” “Wombat,” and “Panther.” Really only “Turtle” makes sense to me, but still.

To test the names out, V and I tried to use them in a likely sentence. “This is my dog Cinnamon Bun, and my other dog, Seven.” Or “Ah, here’s Doctor Nutbucket now.” Having another dog does up the ante, of course. We can’t very well name the new dog “Professor Higgensbottom Awesomesauce” without giving Seven a complex.

For a few days, V was committed to the name “Cream.” The new dog is, I’ll admit, partially cream colored, but he’s also black and brown (hence the Cinnamon Bun contender). I had to explain that when one already had a truly cream colored dog, and one gets another dog which wasn’t really fully cream colored but named that dog “Cream,” one was just messing with people’s heads. It’s like having a black lab and a yellow lab and naming the black lab “Yeller.” It’s just not done.

We do find the addition of titles or last names especially hilarious. “Nuttley McGee” was at the top of both of our lists, yesterday, and we were both quite fond of “Tim Burton” night before last. “Mr. Wiggles” is a hilarious name for a little dog, though I’d get the Wiggles’ hit song “Mashed Potatoes” stuck in my head too often, I fear.

There were many other iterations of this name game, too, including Banjo, Cory, and Ponyo (I still like Banjo, but I have a cousin named Cory and Ponyo rhymes exactly with our last name, which is even sillier than Mr. Wiggles, apparently.) So, for your reading pleasure, I present the short list, the list which took us five days to agree upon, and upon which are five names we both like, through some miracle. It  may or may not contain the final name, but I promise to announce here just as soon as we’ve agreed.

Drumroll, please…..





Reggie K.

Reggie K is a very long story, but to sum up, about 6 months ago, V and I watched an old episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Kenny G, the famous saxophonist, was a special guest. V had not heard of Kenny G before this, and we didn’t talk about him too much afterwards. But when it came time to think of a name for this new dog, she said, out of the clear blue, “I know. Reggie K. He’s like Kenny G’s less famous cousin. He plays the accordion.”

It took awhile, but Reggie K. is starting to grow on me. At any rate, we will let you know, gentle readers, as soon as we do, and we welcome, as always, your suggestions, just so long as they are not “Cream.”  And we’re probably in the market for a dog-sized accordion.






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3 Responses to Adonis to Zeus

  1. Mary Skalet says:

    Beautiful! Good luck with the names. Sammy’s middle name, however unoriginal, is Boy, but I like saying Sammy B cuz my Mom’s name was Bee. Course, he could be Eight, and people would say, “Ate What?” I know, it’s crazy.

  2. Donna says:

    Great name choices! I like all of them.

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