The Bee’s Knees

As I mentioned, my sister and her family have moved. It’s all very exciting, but one of my favorite parts about moving into my house (14+ years ago) was getting to know my new garden. And the same is true for Jess. She’s got peonies, hostas, and near the front door some sort of amazing shrub/bush/thing with cascading white flowers. But also, she’s got a whole posse of toads, birds, and squirrels.

Today, I was with Will and Emmy, and I went to peruse their new gardens. I found the tiny blue flowers heavy with bumblebees.


They shook the plant each time they landed. After about 40 photos, I put down my camera to go back to the childcare which was my job, after all, and a hummingbird flew 18″ in front of my face, hovered a moment, and then flew on. It was so lovely, and surprising.

A lovely day with lovely people and lovely critters.



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Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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