Will and Emmy were done with school before Memorial Day, but V had 3 days after, so last week I got to hang out with the niece and nephew on their own. One of the things we decided to do is Emmy’s favorite: go to the zoo.


Our little local zoo is growing, slowly, but is very lovely as it is, with wolves and koi, a pair of red pandas, several wandering peacocks, and a newly opened petting-zoo area.

IMG_0075For one of V’s last assignments of 4th grade, she had to research how animals were treated in the circus and in zoos. She decided that both were inappropriate to animals, and unkind, and she would need to boycott them from now on.

I respect a good boycott as much as the next person, and I agree with her on the circus front, especially. But I’m not sure a cow’s life in a stationary petting zoo is necessarily worse than a cow’s life on a farm. The cow, above, for example, got lots of pets from Will and Emmy. And I think zoos can help with education and conservation, as they make people more keenly aware of what’s at stake on this planet.

It’s not my choice, though, so if V doesn’t want to go, we won’t go.

Except when she’s not here.


Our zoo also has lots of artwork, integrated and lovely alongside the exhibits. IMG_0103

And I love the birds. Cranes, ducks, swans…I would never be able to get this close to birds in the wild. IMG_0073

Even pygmy goats! This group would probably upset V less, because one of the things that most bothers her is how animals in zoos get taken from their families. These guys get to hang with their family all day long. IMG_0082

Some day I’ll own a pair of peacocks, if V will allow it. I just adore them. Adore, I say!IMG_0108And I adore these two, too. Here’s to making the summer of 2016 our best one yet, kiddos. Giddyup!


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