Mercy, moving is terribly hard work. I know that this will pass, and eventually I’ll figure out where my salt and pepper shakers went, and the three dozen bruises on my arms and hips will heal. I hope V will love her new school, and make some lifelong friends. And I hope my dogs stop barking maniacally at the bulldog next door.

We’re here! To get here, though, we bought a house, and then we tore up some fifty year old carpet (which, to be fair, didn’t look a day over 35). That brought us to this stage.

floor 1

This stage was the ickiest. But Jess and Brad came and helped and we got up all the staples and carpet strips and most of the gunk.

Then, the man I hired to lay laminate during the first week in August came to measure the room and get things squared away. He said I needed 650 square feet of flooring (my measurements were just under 550, but I’ve never laid laminate before), and he’d be ready to start on August 19th. I pointed out that August 19th was not the first week in August, and he shrugged and said “It’s as close as I’ve got.” So I gently asked/begged my dear friend Steven if he could help, and though he’d never laid laminate before, he said “Sure!”

Steve and his wife Kathy (who became my mother’s dearest friend in 1961, when they were both freshmen at Moorhead State, living in Dahl Hall) came up last week, the day after I closed on the house, and got to work.

Kathy washed all the interior windows, then painted V’s bedroom (three different colors!) and the bathroom vanity. In the meantime, Steven laid a new subfloor, to bring the living room and hallway up to the same level of the dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

floor 1 point five

It was a huge job, and wasn’t even the main event. 10 sheets of plywood (delivered with the kind and generous help of Crystal and Todd, one of the dear friends with a pick up truck I mentioned here). I’m not making Steve stand in a corner here, for the record. He’s starting the first row of laminate over there.

Anyway, after many days of hard work, with a trip back to their home in Minneapolis over the weekend, Steven finished the floor (including mop boards, quarter round, and threshold transitions) yesterday. He used 550 square feet of flooring. And it’s so marvelous.

floor 2

See? Even Seven can’t take his eyes off it.

I will post better photos, I promise, when more things and totes and bags have been tucked away into their new homes. And you really have to see V’s room! Now I’m mostly just looking at my new floors, and my dear family in this new house. Move 1

And also looking for my salt and pepper shakers.



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