Master Homemaker

Ah, moving. It’s a little astounding to me, this practice of just up and moving to a different house. It didn’t take long at all for this to be our place. We did, though, have lots of marvelous help. Photographic proof, you say?

All right.

First, a couple of befores:

living room before

The living room carpet, above, which has held up pretty good for the last 50 years. It’s what we tore out that led to the floor pictured in the last post.

into kitchen before

And the kitchen before, above. Look at all those cupboards! And the windows!

house clutter

And the kitchen/hall today: you’d think with all those cupboards, I’d have plenty of room for everything. And I do, but I have a bit more everything than I need. (I’m working on it. Thanks for your concern). Special thanks above go out to Ms. O’Brien, who helped me hang dozens of shelves and pictures, and to Colleen and Jon, who gave me the picture above the trash can. And apologies to Jen Patrick, who, when she left, had helped me clear all the kitchen counters completely. And very special thanks to Steve and Kathy, without whom my beautiful floors would still not be installed.


This picture is supposed to show the entire hallway, but instead just shows the floor. The bathroom is the first door on the left; V’s room is just past it, and my room is the far one on the right. I’m so glad you’ll all know your way around now, when you come to visit.

family feud corner

Finally, a rarely photographed corner of the living room, because there are no sofas or chairs to hold the people I love. Credits here are numerous: to Meagan, who helped move that shelf (twice); to Shannon, from whom I bought that lovely shelf; to KC and Crystal, who helped move that shelf originally; to my Grandpa Art, who made the elephant; to Tami, for the ceramic panda bear; to Crystal, for the Jen Sock Monkey; to Jess and Brad, for my niece and nephew; to Beth, for my other nephew; to Auntie Bev for the Dala horse; to Mildred K for the best. lamp. ever; to Myra and Dewey for the small but mighty record collection. And to the inventor of air conditioning, because summertime.

We’re still working out the kinks, here and there: I just found my alarm clock today (whoo!) and those neat but persistent piles in the kitchen will be moving on shortly. Plus, V starts 5th grade on Tuesday (go Panthers!) and I’ve already served 2 weeks of my 17 week sentence…er, semester. Plus, I have to invent a new system for recycling, because no one will come pick it up for me. I have to drive it to the dumpster myself.

And there’s a whole basement, none of which is prepared for photographing, really, but which V and I are looking forward to setting up to our liking as autumn begins. Please come and visit us! We have a guest bed, plus two comfy couches, plus two dogs who need extra petting. Think of the fun we’ll have!

I’m not an expert homemaker, but it’s fun to pretend.


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Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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