2016 Gift Suggestion List

Just in time for your last-minute shopping plans, Languishing returns triumphantly with things you only WISH you’d thought of. I’m sure you’ve already got piles of delights under your tree, but in case you’re not quite done, read on.

Everyone’s got that difficult friend who buys herself everything she wants well into December: how on earth can you get her something special? One way is to buy her something she didn’t know she needed: a new waffle iron, perhaps. Or a cake pop maker. Another is to donate to a charity in her name. The World Wildlife Federation has some cool adoption options that come with photos and even plush toys. May I recommend the three-toed sloth?  Hurry, though. You have to order by the 15th for Christmas delivery. (If you’re shopping for me, I’m quite fond of narwhals).

Did you know you can give memberships to other people? Costco memberships, gym memberships (how rude!)…and in our current political quagmire, the ACLU. The American Civil Liberties Union is an organization worth supporting at any time, but we are going to need it so terribly much in the upcoming months and years. This is a marvelous gift for someone who shares your political views, and a hilarious one for someone who doesn’t. Memberships start at just $35.

Perhaps you’d like a more traditional gift. A book, perhaps? We, along with much of America, are big fans of the musical Hamilton these days. Now, we will not likely see a live version of the show before V gets herself a job and starts earning her keep, so we bought this lovely text at Costco (where it was $26.99, I believe). It means we can follow along with the soundtrack more easily, and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s notes are fascinating and often hilarious.

Another book I recommend is by a woman I met in grad school in the mid-90s. Liz Kisacky Severn has written a lovely novel full of the kind of details that will make you feel like you’re standing alongside her characters. I really liked this book, and I think you would, too. Plus it takes place in Minnesota, on our very own Highway 10.

Are the above gifts just too mainstream for you? I know, I know. How about an accordion? I loved the accordion even before I knew about Weird Al Yankovic. If you are an aunt or uncle, consider this toy version for your niece or nephew:  their parents may hate you, but if the kid gets really good, think of all the credit you’ll get! (again, if shopping for me, I’ve not had a chance to explore my accordion fascination. Yet).

Since we’re talking about musical instruments, what child wouldn’t love her own Glockenspiel? I mean, seriously. It even has a carrying case. Look how happy the children are in the photos! Isn’t it time America had more gifted Glockenspiel players?

After all that music-making, perhaps you’d like to relax with a card game. V got Sushi Go while out shopping with her dad on Free Comic Book Day, and it’s a dang fun game, we’ve discovered. It’s cute and easy to play, but there are cool strategic elements too that make it just compelling enough to keep everyone interested, at least through a few hands.

Meine Liebchens, that’s all I have for this round of gift ideas. My grades are due in a week, so it may well come to pass that I have many more compelling recommendations for you in the days to come. What’s the best Christmas gift you ever got, gentle readers? What’re you most hoping for this year? Do tell.




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Writer teacher mama sister friend sewist poet trying to stay warm in Minnesota's northwest.
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