Podcast Bandwagon

I know most of you are already familiar with the wonderful world of podcasts.  Serial, Mark Maron, Welcome to Nightvale…And if you don’t know them personally, you’ve heard talk of such things. I’ve been listening to a variety of them since my divorce, and have been meaning to write a post about them for awhile now. If you DON’T know what they are, or don’t think you can find a way to listen to them, you’re wrong, and should go here. For the rest of you, let’s get up on this bandwagon, shall we?

I was going to organize this list in the order I encountered each podcast, but I found this new one that I think each and every reader of Languishing  needs to listen to. It’s Nora McInerny’s new podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking. If I were to be reincarnated as a podcast, this would be it: McInerney and her guests tell the very worst stories of our everyday lives: miscarriage, suicide, cancer, death of a spouse. She pulls it all together with such grace and humor, though, that it’s not nearly as awful as it sounds. I’ve listened to nine episodes so far, and cried at seven of them. I’ve also laughed at all of them. These are the stories, the small comforts, we have to talk about just to make it through this world together. We are not alone in our suffering, and we can endure much more than we think we can. If you only have time in your life for one episode, I suggest you start with number eight, unless you are an unwavering atheist, in which case start with number one. She’s based in Minneapolis, and she is my people. Maybe she’s yours too.

Stuff You Missed in History Class was, I think, the first podcast I ever stumbled upon. This is a calm, largely family-friendly podcast about all kinds of lesser known stories from history. This series goes back several years, with several hosts, but some of my favorite episodes include the Princess who Swallowed a Glass Piano and the recent two part episode on the Japanese Interment Camps of WWII.

In Sawbones, a goofy couple presents information on medical history. She’s a doctor, he’s a doctor’s husband, and they talk about fascinating things like trepanation, bloodletting, and hiccups. They are both smart and funny, and who doesn’t want to know more about trepanation??

My Favorite Murder is a podcast I’ve been following since about episode 7: it’s been fun to watch it grow in popularity. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark will make you feel like you’re just hanging out on a couch, chatting with friends. Yes, the topic is dark, but they handle the darkness with grace and hilarity.

Do you have favorites yourselves, loves? Leave comments, if’n you like.


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