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2016 Gift Suggestion List

Just in time for your last-minute shopping plans, Languishing returns triumphantly with things you only WISH you’d thought of. I’m sure you’ve already got piles of delights under your tree, but in case you’re not quite done, read on. Everyone’s … Continue reading

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If you thought the Andrea Doria was fun, why, just you wait. Today’s entry is the spectacular Lusitania! Fun for the whole family! In one week, it will be 100 years since the sinking of the Lusitania (7 May 1915). … Continue reading

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Ichabod Crane

There were lots of stories that kept me awake at night as a child, not just tornadoes and blizzards and squirrels. I was a little too old for R. L. Stine or the “Scary Stories” series growing up, but we had … Continue reading

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Books for kids and people who were kids once

A recent Facebook meme had me posting ten books that, for whatever reason, had stayed with me. As a nerdy nerd, narrowing it to ten was hard, but also fun. And it’s planted the seed in my mind about books … Continue reading

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H is for Hallelujah

I first fell in love with Leonard Cohen’s music in college, listening to it over at Tami’s when she lived with Rachel in that funny little house on the east side of town. We would dance and sing along, and … Continue reading

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The letter G. Brought to you by V.

V wanted to write this post, so she did. G is for Grace. I got this library book called Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy. If you’ve read this book, you probably know her name. Grace. Grace is one of … Continue reading

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B is for Books

As a bona fide English nerd, I have read lots and lots in my life. But when I started teaching 14 years ago, my teaching load prevented me from doing much reading for pleasure. At all.  But during my sabbatical, … Continue reading

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