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Four years in

My mother died four years ago today. Four years. The length of a presidency. How long it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree. 1/11 of my life, so far. 1/3 of V’s life. She has missed so much. The end … Continue reading

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On my way to pick V up from her weekend with her father, I pulled over to take some pictures of the sunset. Every time I see an especially lovely sunset, I think of this book, Never Miss a Sunset, … Continue reading

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Stories I tell my students: Is that a tattoo on your forearm or are you just happy to see me?

In December of 2014, Jess and I were grieving so hard we could barely breathe, so we decided we needed new tattoos. We made a shared Pinterest board to share ideas; she already has a butterfly on her back for … Continue reading

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Golly, I miss her.

We’ve always marked anniversaries in our family, happy or sad. My mother’s father died on November 19, 1979, and though we never had cake or anything, I remember November 19, 1991, my first year away at college, I thought of … Continue reading

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Our Nostalgic Rabbit Hole

Above: My grandparent’s store; my dad’s first (and only) new car; Dewey took selfies before they were a thing. After Myra died, Jess and I (with help from several gracious friends) cleared out her apartment, donated several car loads of … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Thanksgiving

You guys, I know the holidays are upon us. No more pretending we have plenty of time to dust windowsills or shop for those weird onion things we only use on the Green Bean Bake. We need to get ‘er … Continue reading

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W is for Tammy Wynette

Shaun and I honeymooned in Wisconsin Dells, officially, but before the official honeymoon, we went to Winnipeg for a weekend. At our hotel, we found karaoke night in the bar, as was our way, and I sang first, as was … Continue reading

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