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Mushrooms 2018! (part the first)

Gentle readers! I have so many things to tell you, and so little energy to do it. But I’m a sucker for traditions, so here is the first installment of Mushroom posts for 2018. So all these photos come from … Continue reading

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Podcast Bandwagon

I know most of you are already familiar with the wonderful world of podcasts.  Serial, Mark Maron, Welcome to Nightvale…And if you don’t know them personally, you’ve heard talk of such things. I’ve been listening to a variety of them … Continue reading

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This old world must still be spinnin’ round

I try to take a picture most mornings during my commute. I usually post it to Facebook. Early on, someone mentioned I’d have a hard time keeping it up, because the drive is flat and fairly dull. But I find … Continue reading

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Xtreme Terrariums

Oh, Pinterest. You are a wicked temptress, bringing me into even more hobbies I lack the time to master. One day, I stumbled across the idea of a terrarium party, like this, and I knew I needed to make this … Continue reading

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