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2016 Gift Suggestion List

Just in time for your last-minute shopping plans, Languishing returns triumphantly with things you only WISH you’d thought of. I’m sure you’ve already got piles of delights under your tree, but in case you’re not quite done, read on. Everyone’s … Continue reading

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Will and Emmy were done with school before Memorial Day, but V had 3 days after, so last week I got to hang out with the niece and nephew on their own. One of the things we decided to do … Continue reading

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Growing up in a town of 300 people, with no cable TV, we had a full time job just keeping ourselves entertained. Mostly we ran around town like rabid monkeys, riding bikes, swinging on swingsets, jumping through sprinklers. But in … Continue reading

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My desire to run away from home started when I was a little girl, but I was slowed down considerably by my parents’ one rule, which was that I couldn’t cross the highway by myself. It never occurred to me … Continue reading

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Summertime….and the bloggin’ is easy….

I once sang the classic song “Summertime” to V as a lullaby. She was three, I think, maybe almost four. When I got to the part “You’re daddy’s rich/and your mama’s good lookin’,” she patted my cheek and said “well, … Continue reading

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I is for me

I is a hard letter. (That’s a funny sentence. I once had a student named Xiongme, but she went by Me. When she was absent, I would say “Has anyone seen Me?” And then we’d all laugh). But I, as … Continue reading

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