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Stories I tell my students: Is that a tattoo on your forearm or are you just happy to see me?

In December of 2014, Jess and I were grieving so hard we could barely breathe, so we decided we needed new tattoos. We made a shared Pinterest board to share ideas; she already has a butterfly on her back for … Continue reading

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My job is hard sometimes

I do believe I was born to be a teacher. As a typical older sister, I’ve been bossing people around since 1974. In college, my sister and I liked to throw parties. Crochet parties. That’s right: in our late teens … Continue reading

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As a new, non-tenure track instructor at the University of Minnesota at Crookston in 1998-1999, I was enthusiastic and devoted to students. So when a couple of them stopped by my office and asked me to be the faculty advisor … Continue reading

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“Good job, tenors.”

Our high school begins in seventh grade. I had all the attendant anxiety of moving from 6th grade to 7th, and still remember my late summer nightmares of that year. One thing that stayed the same, though, was my tenor … Continue reading

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I is for me

I is a hard letter. (That’s a funny sentence. I once had a student named Xiongme, but she went by Me. When she was absent, I would say “Has anyone seen Me?” And then we’d all laugh). But I, as … Continue reading

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C is for Cancer (but wait! It’s still a fun post! Sorta!)

So cancer is eating my mother’s family. I know it’s prevalent and awful, but my maternal line really does seem to have more than its share. Her father was one of 11 children to live to adulthood, and they all … Continue reading

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