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Will and Emmy were done with school before Memorial Day, but V had 3 days after, so last week I got to hang out with the niece and nephew on their own. One of the things we decided to do … Continue reading

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The Bee’s Knees

As I mentioned, my sister and her family have moved. It’s all very exciting, but one of my favorite parts about moving into my house (14+ years ago) was getting to know my new garden. And the same is true … Continue reading

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I’m not afraid of many things. When V was younger, she used to get confused by the cartoons on TV that showed people (usually women) being terrified of mice or spiders or snakes. “What’s wrong with her?” V would ask. … Continue reading

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The Neighborhood Wildlife Report

I know this blog has been awful quiet lately, and I hope to do better at that, but we’ll see. How many posts have I begun with excuses and promises? Too freaking many. There are wild turkeys living in our … Continue reading

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O is for Ornithology

In our neighbor’s tree, there appears to live a Cooper’s Hawk, Actually, a whole family of them, now. A pair started in the spring, building a big nest way up high, and, well, you know how these things go. Now … Continue reading

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Fat and fuzzy

I love caterpillars.

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